keith Thompson

Owner & Massage Therapist-LA 0164

New Orleans vibrant private practice & mobile massage in South Louisiana region since 1984.

During his 30+ year career, Keith has developed a broad and unique therapeutic skill set which lead him to create a specialized wellness program that compliments our everyday lives. He has dedicated his life to helping people achieve a healthier and more pain free lifestyle.

Mr. Thompson has accrued a wealth of health knowledge over the many years he has practiced and studied with some of the leading innovators in the alternative healthcare field. This level of knowing is brought to each therapeutic session, not only through his skilled touch but also in his desire that each client have a deeper appreciation for optimal health for themselves.  

From his education, training and experience with all ages and backgrounds, he created the Feel Better Move Better Way, a program designed to help manage pain and the effects that everyday stress has on our bodies at home.

His clients include movie and music celebrities as well as US President and many business professionals. His true vision is to educate people on how to feel better through mind/body awareness and conscious movement.  

Hands On Therapeutic Massage, LLC

Hands On Therapeutics provides you with licensed massage therapy utilizing the latest modalities of treatment.  Clients can choose to schedule an on-site massage or visit our private practice. Our goal is to assist you in feeling better and moving better not only through massage, but also through education and training. Our strongest desire is that you can maintain your own muscular health, mobility and flexibility, which will translate into a happier and more pleasant life experience.